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Heading Out

Gain new perspective of this beautiful part of Greece by taking the “Odondotos” Diakopto-Kalavryta train, built between 1885 and 1895, which starts from Diakopto and passes through the impressive Vouraikos Gorge, named after the mythological Voura, beloved to Hercules, who according to legend opened the gorge in order to get nearer to her. The train then travels through Zachlorous mid-station , finally stopping at Kalavryta. The one-hour journey offers breathtaking views of natural landscapes.

Visit the Aghia Lavra monastery in Kalavryta, built in 961AD, where you can take in some wonderful examples of local history; the monastery is famously linked with the Greek War of Independence, as it was there that the call for Eleftheria h Thanatos (Freedom or Death) was first heard on 25 March 1821, launching the revolution against the Ottoman Empire.

Discover the Holy Monastery of Mega Spillion (Great Cave), one of the most noteworthy monasteries in Greece, which stands at 924 meters, moulded into the great cave from which it gets its name. See the miraculous icon dedicated to St Luke, which is made of wax and mastic and inlaid with canvas that was found by a shepardess in 342AD.

Enter another world just a stone’s throw away from Diakopto is the well-known Cave of the Lakes. The cave is endowed with a unique geomorphologic character not found anywhere else in the world. 13 lakes are arranged in a cascading format at three different levels inside the cave. It covers an area of 20,000 square meters, of which only 1,980 have been explored and 350 have been arranged for tourist visits.

Relax at the delightfully tranquil Tsivlou lake, which can be found by following the road signs to Zarouchla and turning off just 2km from the main road. The lake is surrounded by chestnut, pine and fir trees and in high season you can enjoy sitting at its little cafe and canooeing.

Diakopto and the wider area provide a multitude of possibilities to enjoy nature and its gifts. The scenery is absolutely amazing providing you the opportunities to do various activities while enjoying the view.

You can swim at Diakopto’s beach, Elaiona, Rodia, Engali and Trapeza or hike along the 20km Voraikos river gorge, passing through the picturesque village of Zachlorou and reaching Kalavryta.

If you a fan of sea or river you can enjoy kayaking and rafting in Ladonas river, rafting in Erymantho or sailing and surfing in the Corinthian gulf.

Diakopto Railway

The Diakopto - Kalavrita Railway climbs from sea level to 720 m in 22.3 km with a maximum gradient of 17.5%.

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Kalavryta Ski Center

In Kalavrita Ski Resort, every weekend is special with plenty of events and much ski and snowboard.

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